Review: Parachute Coconut Oil

I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair. No blow drying (don’t even own one right now. You can yell at me later), no dyeing, no chemical treatments, no straightening irons or curling irons used on it. Just an occasional cut and plenty of all natural products. In my quest for natural hair care products, I decided to keep an eye out for Indian products at Patel Brothers in Queens. Patel Brothers is this Indian grocery/household store in Jackson Heights that sells primarily Indian food items. They also stock common household items and products that are used often in Indian households like incense, Indian brand toothpaste, soaps, lotions, creams and hair care products.  One day when I was at the store I spied a blue bottle of coconut oil that was reasonably priced.

Parachute Coconut Oil

 According to the bottle it is an edible oil. I suppose any type of coconut oil that has not been tampered with or modified could be edible. The company that manufactures this is called Marico Limited, based in Mumbai, India. 

This is how I use it:

1) I rub some throughout my dry hair. I would say it takes approximately 2 tablespoons to coat my medium length hair.
2) I let it soak in for about 20-30 minutes, sometimes longer. It’s not hair dye, so if I go over 30 minutes, I don’t worry about it.
3) I wash it out with my regular shampoo, and skip conditioner. Right now I’m using Renpure Organics Body & Shine.

Afterwards, I let my hair air dry completely. I have been using this oil once a week for about a month. My hair feels very, very soft after using the coconut treatment.  

Coconut oil is famously used as a hair treatment product, and has been for many centuries. You don’t have to use oil bottled specifically for hair. There are organic coconut oils that you can buy in health food stores and use on your head.

I paid $1.49 for 3.22 oz (100 mL). There were larger bottles, but I don’t recall the amount in them or the price.

For more information about Patel Brothers, here is the website. The on location customer service is hit or miss, but for the most part I have had decent experiences with the staff.


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