The Toolbox: Painter’s Brush

Welcome to the first installment of The Toolbox, a category where I will be discussing and showing my favorite makeup brushes and tools, both from my pro kit and my personal kit. Today I’ll be showing you a brush I cannot live without.

Painter's Brush

 This is an eyeshadow brush whose hair is bound at the base and slightly splayed out as it moves upward. It has no real name (keep reading to see why) and that is why I have christened it the Painter’s Brush. It reminds me of an artist’s (non-MUA) brush. This brush is great for applying powder shadow all over the lid or for applying color as a wash. The soft hairs are not scratchy or hard. Since the hairs are not tightly packed, the brush applies eyeshadow in soft deposits of color.

Here’s the rub: I bought this brush at my old beauty school, NYBS Creative Arts. It came in my (very expensive) brush kit that I was given after I paid my deposit. At one point, the instructor thought that I had lost this brush so she gave me another one for free (I found the original later on). That’s how I ended up with two of these. I would not recommend going anywhere near that beauty “school”. I have not been able to find a brush by another company that is exactly like this one. Very disappointing, I know. The closest one to it (although the design is different) is the Revlon All Over Shadow Brush. Revlon’s version has shorter bristles, but it will give you a similar effect. If I do come across a brush that could be a duplicate of the Painter’s, I will of course let you all know.

Intended for: Eyeshadow
Where it lives: One in my pro kit, one in my personal kit.
Price: $12-$14 (estimate).
Alternatives: Revlon All Over Shadow Brush.


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