Jesse’s Girl Eye Dusts Swatches and Review

I purchased a few Jesse’s Girl eye dusts about a month ago. I am getting around to reviewing them now because Prof. Jeffries seems to not understand that makeup takes precedence over Yeats and Whitman. Oh…wait…maybe only I believe that? While I put William Butler back on my shelf, we’ll be looking at swatches of what I bought.

L-R: Rouge Flambe, Sunstone, Cafe Au Lait, Penny Arcade.

I did an EOTD using 3 of the colors shown above.

-Sunstone (innner third of lid).
-Penny Arcade (middle of lid).
-Rouge Flambe (outer third and crease).
-Sephora Matte no. 3 (darken outer v).
-UD 24/7 Glide On e/l in Rockstar (upper & lower lashlines).

I was worried that all the colors would migrate and bleed into each other (which is what tends to happen with shimmers), but amazingly, that did not happen. Every shade was in its rightful and happy place after about 7 hours of wear time.

I think that for $3.99 a pop, these are a great deal. If you need a shimmery red Rouge Flambe is a better bet than a more expensive MUFE or Ben Nye pigment. Cafe Au Lait is pretty, but skippable. As a shimmery tan shadow,  it can be easily duped. As I mentioned, these are pretty cheap so if you like shimmery tans Cafe Au Lait won’t bankrupt you. Penny Arcade is gorgeous and a must-have for EVERYONE. Buy one for yourself, your granny, your mom, the baker and the candlestick maker. Sunstone is said to be close to MAC Melon pigment, but to me Sunstone is not orange enough to be a dupe.  Still, I love it.

I swatched the would-be Old Gold dupe, Sunlit Cactus:

Jesse's Girl Sunlit Cactus, MAC Old Gold

The difference is that Old Gold is more gold than green, and Sunlit Cactus is more green than gold. I wore both shades (one of each lid) for a day with Revlon Peacock Lustre in the crease and MAC Deep Blue Green pigment in the outer v. The difference between OG and SC is more apparent on the eyelid. After just 4 hours, Old Gold had faded considerably. I reapplied it and then headed out to my second class. After about three hours, I noticed that Old Gold faded yet again. After 7 hours, Sunlit Cactus never needed a touch up.

Pros: inexpensive price, good pigmentation, lasts for quite a while, good range of colors.
Cons: could do with better packaging (I guess the cheaper price means that they don’t spring for sturdier package), labels should be on the bottom of the container. I had to carefully peel the label off the side and place it on the bottom in order to save it instead of throwing it away.

Grade: A-


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