Reader Request: Light Pink Nail Polish Swatches

You know how you get so used to something, you just continue doing it? Or when you find something you like, you stick with it? I do that often, which is something I’m trying to change about myself. Whether it’s clothing in the same style, a song played on repeat, or my favorite hummus restaurant, I find comfort in knowing what I’m getting. Which is why it took so long to get swatches of light pink polishes on The Makeup Train.

For starters, I’m not a great lover of pink. Add to that my disinterest in neutral/nude shades and there’s a slim to none chance you’d find a bottle of pale pink prettiness in my nail polish stash. That is, until yesterday when I hopped on over to my two favorite beauty stores, Cosmetics Warehouse and Cosmetics Market to check out their pink polishes (I didn’t really hop over there. That would have been too weird even for NYC).

At Cosmetics Warehouse, I was hoping to find their reliable selection of Revlon pink polishes for $1.49. Gasp! They cleared off the shelves and left only one small shelf to hold the new scented polishes and a few basic color staples. I found this one:

Revlon Opulent Pink

This is a muted soft pink with pink and silver microshimmer. It’s a traditional standard pink color in my beauty book.

In direct sunlight:

Revelon Opulent Pink

I’m not really digging this color. It sort of falls flat against my tanned skin. It’s such a muted, it doesn’t stand out on my nails, and it doesn’t complement my skin color either. I think it’s not too cool or warm toned, which means that regardless of your skin tone, it shouldn’t clash. It will either do nothing for you or look great on your nails. I see this working better for people with fair to olive complexions. I think I’m going to give this to my old granny. She would be about an NC30 in MAC-speak, and she likes light pink colors.

After my visit to the Cosmetics Warehouse, I went to Cosmetics Market. I knew I saw some Essies the last time I paid a visit. Luck was my friend that day, because I found four pink Essie darlings at only $3.50. *jaw drops to the floor*

Honestly, when I first looked at these bottles under the store lighting, I wondered if they weren’t just the same color. Essie couldn’t be so silly as to do something like replicate the same shade, but they looked darn close! Even my boyfriend, who notices nothing unless it’s cake/ice cream-related, commented on why I bought four bottles of the same color. However, when I got home and swatched them under sunlight and my apartment lights, I saw the differences in the shades and how they looked on my nails.

Essie It’s Delicate

Essie It's Delicate.

The company’s website describes this as “a fine touch of sheer pink”.  I find this to be a beige-tinged pale pink creme. It’s a nice variation to a pale pink or a classic nude creme. What you see is two coats. I had no problems with streakiness.

Essie It's Delicate in direct sunlight

Essie Ballet Slippers

Essie Ballet Slippers

I was especially happy to get this shade because it’s one of the more well known Essie shades, along with Wicked and Aruba Blue. I remember being 16 and reading in one of my teen magazines about J-Lo loving this shade (funny how that sticks out in my memory, yet I cannot tell you what I learned in physics class). It’s described as “award winning, best selling classic pale pink with a sheer finish”.  Sheer is right, and so is streaky. Essie’s famous shade streaked on me like heck. It took three coats to achieve the look you see above. I waited 10 years to find out that Jenny’s favorite polish is troublesome to apply. I consider it to be a whitish pink shade.

Essie Ballet Slippers in direct sunlight.

Essie Yes We Can. Pink!

Yes We Can, Pink!

One of the nicest finds I’ve ever come across is Yes We Can, Pink!, a shade created in 2009 in honor of breast cancer awareness month. It was limited edition, but CM has many bottles if you’re in town and want to snag one for $3.50. This is more of a true pale pink than the others, with no beige or white tones. It has a creme finish and applied really well. I had no streaking issues, but it is sheer. I thought of the others as sheer, but after two coats you can still see my nail tips.

Essie Yes We Can, Pink! in direct sunlight

Essie East Hampton Cottage

Essie East Hampton Cottage

Called “a beachy sand pink with hints of sheer shimmer, perfect for a french manicure”, EHC was the most opaque out of the bunch. It was also the only Essie shimmer I managed to get. It supplied good coverage with just two coats.

Essie East Hampton Cottage in direct sunlight

For comparison:

Thumb to Pinky: Opulent Pink, It's Delicate, Ballet Slippers, Yes We Can, Pink!, East Hampton Cottage

Oddly enough, I find myself liking my new Essies. I’m quite glad one of my readers asked for these swatches, because otherwise I would have continued on with my stubborn blue/green/purple/red polish obsession. Now I can proudly wave my pale pink fingertips in a parting gesture at The Fear of Trying New Things.  Oh yeah, is that hummus place still open? 😛


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8 Responses to Reader Request: Light Pink Nail Polish Swatches

  1. lacqueredpaintedpolished says:

    I’m not much on pink either, but these all look really nice on you! But I agree with you about Opulent Pink. I like the way the lighter pinks contrast with your skin tone; they look really pretty. And it’s nice to hear the truth behind the cult polish (Ballet Slippers).

  2. ooh, LOVE “it’s delicate” and “ballet slippers.” SO gorgeous!

  3. vijiis says:

    I’m not huge on pink myself, but these look good on you!

  4. P says:

    Thank you so so much for this post! This is so much better and more thorough than I had hoped for! You are THE BEST! You’re the only blogger that really listens to her readers–makes us feel oh so special! Thanks again, and the pinks look fabulous on you! Rock it girly!

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