Review: Stila Prime Pot Waterproof Eye Shadow Primer in Caramel

When I was 18, I would use my fingers to apply the CoverGirl Shimmering Sands trio to my eyes. Satin Earth on the lid and Toasted Sand on the browbone. I thought I was the cutest thing ever with my cheapo eyeshadows and Bonne Bell LipSmackers. So young, so ignorant. Back then, people hadn’t stumbled upon eyelid primers. I was more than happy with Shimmering Sands, and I didn’t even know a thing about eyelid primers.

Times change, and so did the cosmetics industry. That’s how we ended up with Stila Prime Pot.

Like most other makeup companies, Stila wanted to offer an eyelid primer. Urban Decay is kicking some serious backside with their Original,  Eden and Sin primers. I’d say Prime Pot doesn’t do too badly.

Because I have tanned skin, I chose the shade Caramel. They offer another shade called Taffy, which is better for lighter skin colors.

It may not seem fair to offer only two shades, but I think people with darker skin than mine can manage with Caramel. If you blend it properly, it shouldn’t look too light or ashy on you.  Anyway, the whole point of the Prime Pot isn’t to act as an eyeshadow/primer (like the MAC Paint Pots). I wouldn’t say their job functions are interchangeable. Prime Pots are meant to go under eyeshadow. What’s beneficial is that it could intensify your eyeshadow, because it will lighten up the eyelid area and bring out the true color of the shadow you’re using.

On NC42 skin:

Bare eyelid (those tears are from an allergic reaction. I was not weeping for my lost love).

In the second photo I am wearing Caramel by itself. See how it evens out my skin tone and makes it a more uniform color?

The one downside to this is the cakiness. I like cake, but the kind that comes with frosting and “happy birthday” being sung. I don’t like it in my makeup. It’s a little harder to blend and spread out than MAC Paint Pots or my HG Urban Decay Eden primer. Prime Pots and Paint Pots are of a similar consistency, but Paint Pots are still easier to spread out. It’s not terribly difficult to work with, but I recommend starting out with a little and work it over the lid. Add more if needed.

As a primer, it’s yippie! great (was that too silly? Sorry). I get maybe 8 hours of wear, and it has survived hot summer days on my oily face. My eyeshadow stays put.

From the website:

“Introducing Stila’s new Prime Pot, a waterproof eye shadow primer that promises flawless, creaseless eye shadow wear.  A revolutionary polymer adheres to eye shadow and allows for shadow to wear all day and night.This innovative waterproof formula is crease resistant and extends eye shadow wear all day. Prime Pot also creates flawlessly smooth lids and keeps excess oil at bay.”

I had no problems with creasing and it helped my eyeshadow stay in place for several hours. Ladies and gents, we have a winner!
Pros:  Lives up to its claims of waterproof, long-lasting  staying power, offers more than one shade, keeps my lids from getting too oily.
Cons: A little cakey, sort of pricey at $20 (try buying it during a Sephora sale).

Grade: A


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One Response to Review: Stila Prime Pot Waterproof Eye Shadow Primer in Caramel

  1. vijiis says:

    Awesome! Good to know this works. I’ve been really loving cream shadows lately!

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