Makeup Breakdowns: Lafayette and Anaya

I got the photos from O’neal Wyche’s fashion shoot, and that means I’ve got the breakdowns for you all!

Anaya’s Makeup:

Face: After applying moisturizer and primer, I use Nix’ie Foundation in Tantone 12 mixed with Revlon Rich Ginger liquid to create her shade. I set it using Ben Bye Neutral Powder.

Eyes: Her lids were primed using UD Primer Potion. A little of NYX Black Bean Jumbo Eye Pencil was applied and blended to create a dark base for the eyeshadows. The Blue Shade from the NYX Lake Moss trio was applied all over her lids. I mixed in a little UD Goddess to intensify the blue. Lorac Black e/s was applied to the outer v and a little into the crease and blended well. Her waterline was lined with Sephora Flashy Waterproof in Flashy Copper. Her lower lashline was lined with Sephora FW in Black. The inner third of her lower lashline, inner corner of the eye and browbone were swept with UD Baked e/s to highlight those points. NYX False Lashes in 132 were applied using Duo lash glue, to her upper lashline. MAC Blacktrack fluidline was applied to her upper lashline lightly. She didn’t need a thick line. As a final shot of blue, UD Goddess was applied directly below her lower lashes. Just before shooting began, I applied Lancome Pink Pop gloss to her eyelids.

Cheeks: A burnt pumpkin shade from the Yaby Inner Glow blush palette was applied slighty beneath her cheekbones and blended slightly upward and toward the temples. The same shade was applied to her jawlines to add a little more color and warmth to her face. She has a slim face, but I wanted to sculpt her face even more.

Lips: Revlon Super Lustrous in Caramel Glace and Highbeam Tan were mixed together and applied to give her lips a frosty, coppery look that complemented her blingy jewelry.

Lafayette’s makeup:

Face: Primer was used first. Revlon Rich Ginger Liquid and Nix’ie Foundation in Beige 6 were mixed and applied, followed by an application of BN Neutral Powder.

Eyes: After applying UD PP and NYX Black Bean, I used The Purple Shade from the NYX Lake Moss trio, mixed with UD Crash e/s, all over the lid. Lorac Black e/s mixed with more UD Crash was applied to the outer v and crease and blended. Because Lafayette has almond shaped eyes (she’s half Korean), I did not want to make her eyes look too heavy and droopy by applying a full set of lashes. Instead, I applied four individual long false lashes from NYX to the outer corner of the eye. I applied MAC Blacktrack fluidline to the upper lashline, used Sephora Flashy Waterproof Liner in Flashy Violet to the waterline, and then used UD Flash to line the lower lashline. UD Hotpants was used on her browbone and blended well.  Lancome Pink Pop gloss was applied to her lids.

Cheeks: Yaby Inner Glow palette: a deep peach was mixed with burnt pumpkin and sweep along her cheeks. E.L.F Bronzer from the Blush/Bronzer Duo was used to further define her cheeks.

Lips: For dramatic impact and a counterpoint to the purple glossy lids, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Certainly Red was mixed with L’Oreal Color Riche in Red Rhapsody and applied to her lips. The finishing touch was Lancome Pink Pop gloss applied on top of the red lipstick.

Photography: Anthony Jordan Jr.
Clothing Designer/Hairstylist: O’neal Wyche
Stylist: Shay Baker


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