Earth Therapeutics Loofah Complexion Pad

When I was a kid, loofahs kinda scared me. No, really. I was a wimpy kid. They just looked so weird and lumpy.

Of course, I had to grow up, and in the process I had to lose my flawless child’s complexion. I also lost my aversion to loofahs.

Roughly a year ago, I picked up an Earth Theraupetics Loofah Complexion Pad at Whole Foods. It was flat in its package, but once I dipped it in water, it poofed right up.

In my fight for a nice complexion, this has been one of my most valuable weapons. I use it in the shower, along with Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Face Wash.

It comes with a nifty strap to make it easy to hold.

I love that it’s not too scratchy, but still offers a commendable scrubbing job. I think this could work for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

I think I paid about $3 for this at Whole Foods. The company website can be found here.



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