Review: Altered Ego 8 O’Clock Special Collection

My friend Vijaya first let me in on this independent, Etsy based company. I’m so happy she did. I love discovering new, lesser known makeup brands.

I ordered the 8 o’clock collection, which contained 5 eyeshadows. Lord Gold I got for free because I mentioned “Fierce Nerditude” (you will read about this later). The shades I got can be purchased individually.

I love the clever logo design!

On the back, the names are printed, along with indications of whether the product is lip safe or not.

I swatched all 6 colors over the following: bare skin, NYX Skintone eye base, NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil, and finally, I dipped a brush in mixing medium (I made my own. I will do a post about this later on).

The colors (descriptions taken from the website):

  • Rave– “Without a primer Rave goes on as a sheer cerulean blue with a hint of a green undertone that is full of blue, silver, and purple glitter. Over a primer this color becomes a more intense blue with a purple sheen!”
  • Hiccup– “A gorgeous teal-green with tons of shimmer, Hiccup is one of our top sellers! This shadow is highly pigmented and will also work great as a liner.  Apply it all over from lid to crease and you will be shocked by the dramatic effect—it might be better to call this color the Cure for Hiccups!”
  • Heathen– “Oh that Heathen. It just couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be brown or gold so it decided to be tan. A light golden tan with gold shimmer, Heathen is just gorgeous. We love the way it looks paired with Ocoee or Whittney”.
  • Lord Gold– “Lord Gold knows what he wants and he isn’t afraid to take it!  This Lord loves all things metallic and wants to share his glory with others metal lovers. If you pair him with Bullet, Flashbulb, or Lives and he might just spare you.  Lord Gold is an awesome metallic, dark golden brown”.
  • Dark Eden– “A silver-grey with pink and blue undertones, Dark Eden is much more complex than your everyday black. It’s perfect for those days when you’re feeling a bit naughtier than average. Looks amazing with shimmery neutrals or with an intense deep purple. We do recommend pairing it with Mad Molly for times when you are truly wanting to show off your bad girl side. Whatever you choose, Dark Eden will introduce you to a new kind of paradise!”
  • Lives–  “A metallic, shimmery red!”

Overall, I had very good results with these shadows. The only disappointing one was Lord Gold. These are mineral loose eyeshadows, so I expected some sheerness, but Lord Gold was too sheer to be of any use on its own. I could only get it to work by using it over MAC paint pot in Indianwood, or NYX Gold Jumbo Eye Pencil. Even foiling it with a mixing medium only marginally helped. If I were to grade this shade by itself, I would give it a D.

Tessa recommends using these over a sticky base or with a mixing medium. I agree with her wholeheartedly. I got the best results using either MAC  paint pots or NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. To make the most out of it, I dipped a brush in the mixing medium before applying the shadow, then used one of the aforementioned bases over the lid before starting the application. I did this for all 6 shadows. Except for Lord Gold, I got splendid results using this method.


L-R: Foiled, NYX Milk, NYX Skintone, Bare Skin.


L-R: Foiled, NYX Milk, NYX Skintone, Bare Skin


L-R: Foiled, NYX Milk, NYX Skintone, Bare Skin

Lord Gold:

L-R: Foiled, NYX Milk, NYX Skintone, Bare Skin

Dark Eden:

L-R: Foiled, NYX Milk, NYX Skintone, Bare Skin


L-R: Foiled, NYX Milk, NYX Skintone, Bare Skin

Dark Eden is described as a kind of black, but I see it as more of a complex purple. Lives is so beautiful in person. I would wear it all the time if I could. It’s sort of like a burnt crimson. Like leaves during autumn.

The one problem I see here is the need for a sticky base or mixing medium. I know a lot of people want something they can just dip their brush in and work with. It is more time consuming to apply these, and you have to be sure they stay on your lids. Not everyone will want to take the trouble to buy/use a mixing medium, or find a sticky base to use these over.

Personally, I love Tessa’s fun makeup brand, and I don’t mind taking the time to apply these. The colors are very pretty and fun to wear.

I paid $10 for this collection, and everything came wrapped up in a nice bag, with free samples! The shipping was free. If you mention “Fierce Nerditude” in the comments section (on ALTERED EGO’S Etsy website, not mine!), you get a free full sized eyeshadow of your choice!

Pros: Gorgeous shades, special deals and very low prices, good quality, cute packaging of products.
Cons: Not easy to use. You would need a sticky base or mixing medium

Grade: B+

Altered Ego Cosmetics


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2 Responses to Review: Altered Ego 8 O’Clock Special Collection

  1. Sunny says:

    Yum yum, I like Dark Eden! It’s so not black lol, but that’s why I like it!

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