Thoughts on MAC’s New Animal Testing Policy?

Recently, MAC announced that in accordance with China’s laws dictating mandatory animal testing on cosmetics, MAC will no longer be cruelty free.

Beauty blogs are lighting up with this news. Kelly is very distraught and upset about this. Another blogger friend of mine pledges to no longer buy MAC.

What do you think? Do you feel angry about MAC’s decision? Do you think “it’s just business”? Do you think they should have tried another method?

Personally, as much as I have always admired MAC for being cruelty free, I’m not surprised by this news. MAC is like any other company- they want to expand their business and sell as much as they can to as many consumers they can reach. I’m not a MAC fanatic, but whenever I bought their products, I felt better knowing I was supporting a cruelty-free brand. Now I won’t have that feeling anymore.

Thoughts, anyone?


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4 Responses to Thoughts on MAC’s New Animal Testing Policy?

  1. Noi says:

    i’ve never bought from MAC before (though mom’s a big fan & urges me to shift to MAC once i start making my own $$$) but that decision depresses me. it’s sad when companies choose profit over life. just cause they’re animals & are not as “evolution-ized” as humans, it doesn’t give companies the right to abuse them. i consider this as Holocaust for our little brethren. 😦
    hope MAC gets swayed with our voices!

  2. bin du says:

    Personally I’m not surprised, especially with the economic boom China has been having. MAC is a business, and I have always been a bit wary of companies who are cruelty free but use animal hair in their makeup brushes. I can understand and sympathize for those who are extremely saddened by this news though

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