Review: Benefit Eye Gotta! The Annie Collection Set

Sometimes, when I hear someone say “I wanna”, I think of  “Ivana”. When I hear “I gotta”, I think of  this box set.

It comes in a nifty box.

The set contains 3 eyeshadows and 2 Creaseless Cream Shadows.

With flash:

The eyeshadows:

-Spiced Brandy
-Purple Haze

The cream shadows:


Spiced Brandy, Purple Haze, Canopy

With flash:

Spiced Brandy, Purple Haze, Canopy

I’ll start with the powder eyeshadows.

As much as I love the colors, the quality of Purple Haze and Canopy are terrible. They apply very sheer and are not very pigmented. The fallout was what bothered me the most: I looked like a raccoon after using these shadows. It’s so pitiful, especially for a company like Benefit. Nothing I tried could stop the massive fallout. I used three different primers. The shadows are so powdery and soft they hardly clung to my skin. And the staying power? Nada!

Spiced Brandy is the best out of the trio, but it’s not superb. It’s a standard shimmery brown with bronze tones.

Grade: F

Foiled Creaseless Cream

With flash:

Foiled is a metallic taupe. It reminds me of Birthday Suit.

Flash Creaseless Cream

With flash:

Flash is a metallic champagne yellow.

Foiled and Flash.

With flash:

Foiled and Flash.

I simply adore Creaseless Cream Shadows. They last for hours and make incredible eye bases. I love using Foiled and Flash.

No grumbling about these!

Grade: A+

My verdict: I feel that the two amazing cream shadows are not enough of a reason to pay for this set. I got this for $24 at  The  powder eyeshadows  are just crummy crummy crummy.

Overall grade: D


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5 Responses to Review: Benefit Eye Gotta! The Annie Collection Set

  1. vijiis says:

    Aren’t the cream shadows on their own $19 each, though? That’s a reason I might buy one of these sets. $24 for 2 is preferable to $38 for two, you know?

    Or are the creaseless creams in mini sizes? (Gosh, I *hate* when you think you’re getting full sizes and you get minis. xP)

  2. Kristina says:

    They look great.

    From Paris with love!

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