Summer Beauty Basics: NYX Blotting Papers

Just like greasy foods need paper towels to soak up that excess oil, our faces need papers to soak up the oil we don’t want on our skin.

That’s why I stock up on NYX Blotting Papers.

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I was in love with The Body Shop Blotting Papers for ages, but at the time it was $10 for 2 packs of papers. As my Scrooge McDuck vault diminished, I started to look for a cheaper version. I settled on NYX’s cute paper envelope filled with thin sheets perfect for wiping up oil.

I pay about $3 for these at Cherry Culture. When there’s a sale going on, I tend to get a little out of hand. I try to get at least 6 packs.

What? I’m an oily chick! 😛

How you guys handle your oily faces?


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2 Responses to Summer Beauty Basics: NYX Blotting Papers

  1. callitbeautyblog says:

    I personally use the Clean & Clear blotting sheets. I tried the Sephora ones, but they were not removing the oil as well and it was also moving my makeup around… They did smell nice, though! I’m so sad that C&C discontinued the green blotting sheets that had a really lovely scent.

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