Current Faves: Beauty and Life Vol. 2

While I procrastinate on this mountain of homework I haven’t touched yet, let’s talk about what we’ve been loving recently:

1) Trader Joe’s Fruit Butters: These come in a variety of flavors and they all taste so good! I really don’t think you could go wrong with any flavor. I like spreading them on loaf cake slices.

2) National Public Radio: I’ve been listening to the morning broadcasts. It’s more informative than the New York TImes, IMO,

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3) Nail Stamping: You’ve seen the Halloween nail looks. I kinda love this stamping thing. And the best part is: I’m getting better at it!

4) Baked by Melissa: This bakery sells mini cupcakes. SUPER mini. You get to taste a bunch of flavors in one sitting without having to scarf down full size cupcakes. It may seem like heresy to not want a regular sized cupcake, but come on…do you really want to weigh as much as Shamu?

5) Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Catwalk: This has been my go-to work lip color for the past few weeks. It’s a neutral brown with orange tones. It stays on quite well, but does feel a little like paint on my lips. I like the staining effect for busy work days.


What have you all been loving recently?


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Beauty/product junkie hiding behind the title of certified makeup artist (that's the excuse I use for my makeup addiction). I am a human pet to two cats, a full time college student majoring in Cultural Anthropology and an organic food enthusiast (read: organic food freak) who cooks, bakes, and has not burned down the kitchen (I'm waiting for it). New York has put up with all of this thus far, so here is where I reside. I can be reached for comments, questions, complaints, and incoherent babbling at:
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4 Responses to Current Faves: Beauty and Life Vol. 2

  1. Jessi says:

    I’ve been listening to NPR lately too! I just recently discovered what radio station it was on, haha. A few other things I’ve been loving lately-

    Popchips. I bought a box of individual size bags on Amazon and they’re delicious. I love that they come in a lot of different flavors.

    Indie nail polish. I don’t think I’ve worn a mainstream polish in a long time!

    Darling Girl Cosmetics Cream Blushes. Some of my favorite cream blushes ever. Plus you can wear them on your lips!

    Face Off. One of my favorite shows and definitely my favorite reality competition show. It’s so much fun to see what special effects makeup people create.

    The cooler weather. I was so tired of the heat. It just killed me this summer. Thank goodness for fall!

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