Review: Lakme Eye Color Quartets in Tanjore Rush and Silk Route

I received Silk Route in a swap with Corallista. I purchased Tanjore Rush from

Tanjore Rush:


It contains a rich violet purple, a mossy green, a brown-toned copper and a true gold. All of the shadows are shimmery.


In sunlight:

tr swatches

The colors are stunning. Tanjore Rush had been on my wish list for ages. I love the fact that Lakme releases colors that are suitable for Indian weddings and functions. Neutrals just aren’t going to cut it when you’re wearing an embroidered sari.

Alas, the beautiful jewel tones in this quad are not enough to raise it to A+ level. The eyeshadows applied poorly with a lot of fallout. I also had trouble getting the purple shade to swatch decently: it took about 3 swipes to get the color you see above. The mossy green shade was the easiest to apply and blend.

As for wear time, these fall short. Terribly short. I get perhaps 3 hours before creasing and fading with these, even with an eyeshadow primer.

Silk Route:


It contains a light pink, a golden-toned brown, a dark pinkish purple and a smokey steel gray. With the exception of the brown shade (which is a satin finish), all shadows are shimmery .


In sunlight:


I love the color range of the palette. It could work as a natural look or dramatic look palette….if only it performed better. My experience with Silk Route was the same as with Tanjore Rush: only 3 hours of wear time (if I was lucky) and trouble blending and applying the shadows. The pale pink shade was the absolute worst to apply. It was sheer, chalky and took me a few (careful) swipes to get the color to show up. I had to carefully pack it on, otherwise it got swept away.

Pros: Gorgeous colors, nice mix of different shades, affordable price (Rs 455 or USD 7-8).
Cons: Short staying power, patchy application, creased and faded very badly.

Grade: D


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3 Responses to Review: Lakme Eye Color Quartets in Tanjore Rush and Silk Route

  1. I quite like the first palette 🙂 Not your everyday kind of shades.

  2. i used to have these palettes ven i was in india absolute gorgeous!

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