Review: Tulips Apothecary Pucker Pots in Christmas Cookie and Candy Cane

I picked up two Pucker Pots to try out during the holiday season. I wrote about one I received in my Eco Emi box a few weeks ago. Pumpkin Pout wasn’t bad at all, but I wanted to see how the other scents fared.



Christmas Cookie

Christmas Cookie

Christmas Cookie smells a lot like Thin Mints. There’s a warm, cocoa-like smell to it with a hint of mint. It went on my lips smoothly and was a nice consistency for a balm: not too greasy or too waxy. I expected this to smell more like sugar cookies, but Thin Mints are awesome too. Don’t wanna offend the Thin Mints fans. 🙂

Candy Cane

Candy Cane

Candy Cane was really, really a pleasure to use because it smells just like candy canes! I would have been satisfied with a regular minty scent, but it actually smells a little sugary too! The mint scent is not too overwhelming or biting, and the slight sugar scent makes for a nice balance. This one has a  nice texture and wasn’t too grainy or slippery on my lips.

I think these two are very nice lip balms to own. I had to reapply after 2 hours (if I wasn’t eating or drinking) which seems like a decent amount of time for a lip balm. I do have lips that are not too dry or chapped, so I think this would be a sufficient balm for someone with average lip moisturizing needs. If your lips are severely chapped, you might need something more intense. The texture is not as greasy as Vaseline, but not as waxy as Burt’s Bees lip balm. I would recommend rubbing this in if you want to wear it under lipstick. Lipstick might slip off if you don’t.

The tins are quite large at 1 ounce each.

Since the holidays are over these are not available at this time, but they have other scents.

Pros: Generous amount of product, nice scents, good texture and feel of product, decent quality for the average consumer.
Cons: May not be adequate for people with severely dry lips, comes in a pot so mysophobias may want something in a tube.

Grade: A

Tulips Apothecary can be purchased here.

Product Disclosure: I purchased this with my own funds, but my status as a beauty blogger granted me a marginal discount. This does not in any way affect this review. All opinions are my own. I do not write paid reviews.


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2 Responses to Review: Tulips Apothecary Pucker Pots in Christmas Cookie and Candy Cane

  1. sylirael says:

    These look delicious! 😀 The little bag is very cute as well .

    I’m kind of a little bit disappointed that they were both minty – I was hoping the christmas cookie one would be more spices/vanilla, if you know what I mean.

    Also, yes, I wish they’d stop making lip balms in tins/pots and just stick with sticks or tubes! If I’m at home, a pot is alright, because I know what’s on my hands, but if I’m in the lab… 😉

    • Yes, I was also hoping for a more sugar cookie scent. I wonder if the Candy Cane scent permeated through the bag and infused the other tin? It’s still a lovely scent, in any case. 🙂

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