Current Favorites: Beauty and Life Vol. 6

How did you all make out this winter? We’re finally getting some sunshine here in NYC. The huge piles of snow have mostly melted and it’s a lot easier to get around.

I’ve been plowing through several chapters of European politics reading and lots of schoolwork. I should know better than to procrastinate….but nail polish swatching seemed more important than learning what the EU commission does. 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been loving recently:

1) “Building a Mystery” by Sarah McLachlan: this was one of my favorite songs back in 1998. It’s strange to think how much the music industry has changed since then. I bought “Surfacing” just for 2 songs. And Sarah’s music videos didn’t have flashy costumes or half naked dancers. Just Sarah with slicked back hair singing while a man darted in and out of a strange door. Lady Gaga could learn from her.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

2) Guyanese plait bread: I grew up on this (along with tennis rolls and butterflaps). It’s a thick, slightly dense bread with a soft texture and a thin golden crust. It’s so good toasted with jam and organic butter.

3) Chagrin Valley Cornmeal and Honey soap: it’s scrubby and it gets the job done. I like slightly rougher scrubs (even though some have warned than they can be too harsh) because I feel like milder exfoliation products don’t do enough for me. This has been working quite well for me. 

4) Tomato red nail polish: I really like OPI Keys to My Karma and Sephora Formula X in Pyrotechnic. Tomato reds are not usually my go-to because I’m a real sucker for deep red wine shades. But I think the brighter reds need to get some love too. 🙂


5) Pink Panther by Jeff Koons: I saw this at the MoMA when I visited with my friends Jessica and Noah.

It’s supposed to be a representation of Jayne Mansfield hugging the Pink Panther. From the other side, her breast is exposed but she’s covering it with her hand. There are many interpretations of this, but I think two whimsical and entertaining icons of American cinema embracing in such a way speaks to our shared and intertwining views on the need to entertained and reach of glamour and visual style. But I think I am wrong. I don’t really know art, do I? 😛


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Beauty/product junkie hiding behind the title of certified makeup artist (that's the excuse I use for my makeup addiction). I am a human pet to two cats, a full time college student majoring in Cultural Anthropology and an organic food enthusiast (read: organic food freak) who cooks, bakes, and has not burned down the kitchen (I'm waiting for it). New York has put up with all of this thus far, so here is where I reside. I can be reached for comments, questions, complaints, and incoherent babbling at:
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6 Responses to Current Favorites: Beauty and Life Vol. 6

  1. Jessica says:

    Wow, you got much more out of that statue that I did, running by it hopped up in candy and adrenaline going, “Boobies!” heh

    Also, that bread looks delicious.

  2. sylirael says:

    The soap and the bread sound awesome! (For different reasons, obviously ;-))

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