Review: Marie Natie All Natural Lip Sparkle in Love Struck

I received this in an Eco Emi box. 




Marie Natie Cosmetics is a company that focuses on natural ingredients and (according to their website), do not create their products using parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, petro-chemicals or phthalates.




The shade I received is called “Love Struck”, which the website labels as “fuchsia”.

To me, Love Struck is a sheer strawberry red shade.




It imparts a very pretty rosy red tint on my lips. It is quite sheer, but does cover my lips fairly well. There’s no unevenness or splotchy application.

It covers my lips as a thickish (but not gloopy) balm-gloss hybrid. No, a lip balm and lip gloss cannot make babies. But if they did, the consistency would be something like this one: not greasy or easily smeared, but slightly thicker than the average gloss while still being spreadable. It feels very comfortable on.

I wore this for about 3 hours without needing to touch up.

I recommend this if you prefer natural/organic makeup and don’t mind spending a bit more. It can be difficult to find lip gloss that really is natural, so if that’s your thing, check out Marie Natie.

Pros: Nice shade (albeit misnamed), nice formula, applies smoothly, smells good, contains natural ingredients.
Cons: Doesn’t last too long, somewhat expensive.

Grade: A-

Marie Natie Lip Gloss is sold here.  It’s $18 CAD for a full sized tube.


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6 Responses to Review: Marie Natie All Natural Lip Sparkle in Love Struck

  1. So do you think the pros outweigh the cons?

    • Yes. I think the company fills a particular need in the beauty industry. It’s a lip gloss that contains natural ingredients and performs fairly well. It’s a typical problem with natural products that they won’t last for hours and hours (since they lack the chemicals that make them last longer). The higher price tag factors in the cost of production.

      I think the grade I gave it is fair considering that it is natural (as it claims) and does what it promises. 🙂 It doesn’t claim to be a long lasting product.

      If you’re someone who cares about lip product ingredients, it might be worth it to you. If not, I can see why it may seem average.

  2. sylirael says:

    The shade looks very pretty, almost like it would be a stain!

  3. laks says:

    Sounds good. Pretty shade 🙂

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