Review: Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks

It was one of those things: I didn’t fall headfirst at our initial meeting, but we learned to get along as time passed.


Oh, I don’t mean the BFF who butted heads with me the first day we met and is now my soul sister. That person doesn’t even exist.

I was talking about Revlon’s newest longwear lipstick. What did you think I was talking about?

Certainly not imaginary BFFs.




I picked up Runway, Supermodel, Fashionista, Trendsetter, Catwalk and Backstage.



L-R: Catwalk, Backstage, Runway, Trendsetter, Supermodel, Fashionista.


So, here’s my story:

When these were first released, I picked up Catwalk just to test out the formula. I usually select a neutral color when trying out a new lipstick line.

Well….lemme just say that Catwalk was not the flawless, perfectly glamorous traipse down the model ramp that Naomi Campbell always delivers. The color itself I loved, but the texture and feel of the lip product took some getting used to. It adhered to my lips in a strange way; it felt almost like paint. It felt odd at first, but I kept wearing it because I needed to use it up, and I eventually got used to it. Once of my favorite things about this is the 7 hour wear time. Yup…..7 hours! I could spend an entire work day running between appointments and not having to worry about touch ups.







Catwalk: A medium golden brown with orange tones. It contains just enough orange to keep it from being a flat brown.

Backstage: A deep burgundy. It’s a little more red, making it not so vampy.

Runway:   A light brown with shimmer. It’s a little peachy-bronze as well.


The way I photographed these three are in reverse order in the swatch photos. In the product photos they are Trendsetter, Supermodel, Fashionista.


Fashionista: A brownish brick red. This is one of my favorites.

Supermodel: A mauve plum.  This is not really my color, but it is a nice color nonetheless.

Trendsetter: A bright cherry red. I think this could work across a variety of skintones. It looks kinda sheer in the swatch pic but it does offer decent coverage


I think these are nice lip products. If you are not sensitive to lipsticks that cling to your lips, I would suggest checking these out. If you have dry lips, you might want to skip these.

Pros: Very long lasting, takes a while to use up a tube (aided by the lack of a need to reapply often), comes in lovely colors, easy to use, slim packaging, affordable.
Cons: Might make some lips uncomfortable, not good for very dry lips.

Grade: A



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6 Responses to Review: Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks

  1. I have a couple of these too and for some reason I don’t wear them very often. I seriously don’t know why because I do like ’em.

  2. Love the Fashionista one:)

  3. sylirael says:

    Awesome swatches! 😀 I’ve been wanting to try these forever, but I’m still not entirely sure I like mattes on me. Plus, I have chronically dry lips…

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