Current Favorites: Beauty and Life Vol. 12

I’m not even going to apologize for skipping October’s CF post. Nope, not gonna apologize.

Not even if you twist my arm. You can go ahead and twist away. It won’t make a difference.

Once you stop hurting my arm, I can tell you what I’ve been into this month.

1) In Mad Love and War by Joy Harjo: I have taken to reading the poetry of Joy Harjo, and I love her work. This is my first book of Joy Harjo poems. Athena willing, I am going to own all of her books someday!

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

2) Renpure Argan Oil Conditioner: Rite Aid had a BOGO free sale on Renpure, and I picked up this conditioner. It’s been working well for me so far: conditioning my hair without weighing it down, not leaving behind a greasy feel, and keep frizzies fairly well tamed. I haven’t used a wash out conditioner in ages, but I might keep a bottle of this around from now on.

3) Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner: I actually snagged this in a makeup swap (yay!) and I’m so glad I did. It’s easy to apply, goes on smoothly, dries pretty quickly and is very black. It’s currently my go-to eyeliner.

4) “I Want You” by Savage Garden: Before you all start laughing at me (stop laughing, Syl!) this song came out when I was in junior high, and it brings back a lot of memories. It’s a fun, danceable pop song that reminds me of when I was young and had hope (sorry, that was kinda depressing). I tend to do this a lot: I like songs not just for the song, but for the memories attached to them.

5) White chocolate funfetti cookies: I made a big batch of these for a friend’s birthday party, and everyone raved about them. Sprinkles make any birthday more fun, and you’re never too old for them.



What have you all been loving this month?


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5 Responses to Current Favorites: Beauty and Life Vol. 12

  1. Savage Garden was da bomb, yo! I’m not laughing 🙂 To the moon and back was my favorite song.

  2. Natalye says:

    I used to love Savage Garden!

  3. sylirael says:

    I’m not laughing! Savage Garden was one of the bands of my youth *sniffs* (In the sense that I ever had any ‘bands’).

    …*snicker* WHAT! I was laughing at their hair, because, really, ick. I don’t even know how they can stand to have that much gunk in their hair… O_o

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