Two Lady Jewelry Holder

Since I’ve been buying more earrings and other pieces that fit my current aesthetic, I’ve decided to purchase a jewelry stand to make it easier to display my pieces (instead of rooting around in a box and searching for matching pairs).

I settled on this one for now.





Some earrings can fit as one pair in one hole. The rigid perforations make it difficult to push some earrings through. It seems like the slimmer the earring hook curve, the less likely it could fit in the hole. I simply placed the hooked earrings that didn’t fit on the rotating curved peg that holds necklaces.

I definitely want more jewelry stands. Which ones do you use?


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Beauty/product junkie hiding behind the title of certified makeup artist (that's the excuse I use for my makeup addiction). I am a human pet to two cats, a full time college student majoring in Cultural Anthropology and an organic food enthusiast (read: organic food freak) who cooks, bakes, and has not burned down the kitchen (I'm waiting for it). New York has put up with all of this thus far, so here is where I reside. I can be reached for comments, questions, complaints, and incoherent babbling at:
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6 Responses to Two Lady Jewelry Holder

  1. Rebecca R says:

    I actually have a jewelry box that I use but I would like to get a stand to display some of my necklaces. I really like this one!

  2. I have something similar 🙂

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