Review: Two Cosmetics Eyeshadows

I’ve owned these eyeshadows for a while, but I’ve only gotten around to reviewing them around because they got pushed to the back of the drawer.

Well, they protested the lack of attention they were getting and finally got their way. They’re on the blog today, being famous and stuff. And also just being eyeshadow.



Clockwise from the left: Miss Mayhem, Bashful, Double Latte, Doubledate.



I found the packaging to be lightweight and easy to open/shut. There was no struggling or profanity-laced effusions going on as I tried to open them. They come in small black boxes (not shown). The boxes don’t have labels, but the eyeshadow pots do.

Top to bottom: Miss Mayhem, Bashful. Double Latte, Doubledate.

Miss Mayhem is a soft burgundy.

Bashful is a cool-toned dark brown.

Double Latte is a deep taupe.

Doubledate is a creamy pale gold-beige.

All eyeshadows have a soft shimmer to them.



While the shadows applied rather smoothly, as you can see, there are pigmentation issues.

This is what they look like in sunlight.



Very sheer indeed. I was able to use them once I packed them on, but it still took more work than I would have liked to put in. Miss Mayhem is my favorite of the bunch. I like soft burgundy eyeshadow on myself, so in this case the sheerness of it worked in my favor.

Pros: Lovely colors, easy to use packaging, affordable items.
Cons: Poor pigmentation, sheer formula, doesn’t last for more than 4 hours with primer.

Grade: C

I would still be willing to try other products from Two Cosmetics. Tina of The Fancy Face also reviewed them and her findings were more positive. 


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16 Responses to Review: Two Cosmetics Eyeshadows

  1. Lupe says:

    I’ve heard of this brand before. Ah that is poor pigmentation! At least you got a sheer burgundy.

  2. Awww, shame about the lack of intensity.

  3. Oh my, that would be way too sheer for my taste. I can see why you say it worked in your favor in the burgundy one, but I really prefer my shadows to be very pigmented.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. Lakshmi says:

    Miss Mayhem is my favorite too. nice review 🙂

  5. Purva says:

    the pigmentation is indeed poor…Would have loved if it would have showed up a little more . These also look a little chalky

  6. planetbeauties says:

    the pigmentation looks very poor indeed..They also look little chalky

  7. Anubhuti says:

    Miss mayhem and Bashful are gorgeous…I wish pigmentation was a bit better though…

  8. Too bad about the pigmentation. Miss Mayhem really is pretty though.

  9. Sangeeta says:

    The shades though sheer look very pretty.

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