Amrita Singh Jewelry Haul III

A Mother’s Day sale for 50% off everything sitewide? Yes, ma’am!

I bought 2 long station necklaces and a pair of earrings.


Watermill Station Necklace in Turq/Blue- I have been wearing more blue lately, so I wanted a similar-toned necklace to go with my outfits.


Hammered Charm Station Necklace- a staple in any chic black-clothes wearer’s wardrobe. In other words, it’s a staple in my wardrobe.


Star & Moon Stud Earring in Gold/Clear- I love the clever concept of different-yet-themed earrings (sun and moon, cat and mouse, teacup and pot). I also wanted some white and gold earrings because I have so few pairs.



What do you like most from my haul?


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23 Responses to Amrita Singh Jewelry Haul III

  1. Deevya says:

    Loved the watermill station necklace. Its Gorgeous. 😍

  2. Pisa says:

    Beautiful jewelry! I love the Star & Moon Stud Earring in Gold/Clear 🙂
    XO Pisa ❤

  3. Purva says:

    omg..that star and moon earring is an awesome pair 😀

  4. planetbeauties says:

    omg..that star and earring combo is lovely 😀

  5. The blue/turquoise necklace is my favorite, I love these colors in jewelry.

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  6. Sangeeta says:

    The jewellery pieces look so gorgeous.

  7. Purva says:

    cool jewellery..I love those earring 😀

  8. planetbeauties says:

    have a good day 😀

  9. hanna marie says:

    Those earrings are gorgeous –Hanna Lei

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  10. thebeautyinsideout says:

    Nice haul.Love the watermill necklace.

  11. The turquoise and blue necklace is beautiful!

  12. Anubhuti says:

    Loved all the pieces… charm necklace and earrings are gorgeous..

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