Pride Nails and Eyes for Orlando (And Really, For all Queer and Trans People)

I was going to write and schedule some blog posts for the week, then the Orlando shooting happened and all the light in my life was extinguished.

I’ve been struggling to find something to lean on, some way to articulate my immense sadness and anger at this cruel and violent act.

As a queer woman, I face great odds of being a victim of violence, whether it’s physical, sexual or economic. Indeed, I have already experienced all three forms of violence in my young life. Bisexual women are commonly believed to be more promiscuous and therefore less trustworthy. We are more likely to be raped and more likely to face domestic violence. 

I am really at a loss to explain why such violence should occur. I have no real answers. I just know that there are people in the world who don’t want me to be alive. They would rather see me (and people like me) dead. Because we are who we are and don’t want to hide anymore.

Here is a link to nails representing LGBT pride. 

I found some photos of nail art and eye makeup I like. I hope you enjoy them.




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4 Responses to Pride Nails and Eyes for Orlando (And Really, For all Queer and Trans People)

  1. So sad. Why?? I just don’t get it. Why can’t some people accept that we’re all different and unique and that that is a wonderful thing to embrace?

  2. I’m truly at a loss for words. I just find it hard to believe we live in a beautiful world filled with such hate. It disgusts me. Saddens me. And even angers me.

    I do love the pride looks though. I’ve seen a lot on IG these past few days and they’re stunning.

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