Tuesday Talk: Self Care Sessions Vol. 3

How has your week been, lovely? Mine went surprisingly well. At work we sometimes get free food gifts from insurance companies (we’ve gotten Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts, Italian food, fruit smoothies). Yesterday a representative stopped by to give us a whole strawberry cheesecake. The doctor and physical therapist each took a slice, then the doctor told me to take the rest home! Yay for free cheesecake!

So now I have cheesecake and you all. My life is complete. ๐Ÿ™‚ Until I run out of cheesecake, that is.

Things I’ve done this week:

  1. Bought this book. I love art history and old ecclesiastical architecture. It’s been on my wishlist for some time. Here is my wishlist, btw.
  2. Ate Frito chili pie. It’s an American comfort food. You can make it in the oven (for many people) or the microwave (just for yourself). Layer some Fritos in a bowl, heat up some chili in a separate dish, then spoon the chili over the Fritos, sprinkle on some cheddar cheese and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. It’s not exactly healthy, lol, but when my depression kicks in it’s really a lifesaver when I don’t feel like cooking.
  3. Repurchased my favorite facial gel. ย ย I was running out of it and I was worried I wouldn’t have enough money right now to buy another bottle. But I did and now I have a fresh bottle! Speaking of, I am going to start budgeting for skin care so this doesn’t happen again.
  4. I used a facial mask. This time it was the Yes to Tomatoes mask, which I will write about soon.
  5. It’s very important to me to allow other people the chance to write about their experiences with cosmetics and skin care. This is why I am now paying some of my beauty product devotee friends to write for The Makeup Train! The first post from Efe Oghoghome should go up tomorrow.

I love the poetry of Nayirrah Waheed. She is one of my favorite modern poets. Here is one that repairs my heart every time I read it.


I will tell you, my daughter
of your worth
not your beauty
every day. (your beauty is a given, every being is born beautiful).
knowing your worth
can save your life.
raising you on beauty alone
you will be starved.
you will be raw.
you will be weak.
an easy stomach.
always in need of someone telling you how
beautiful you are.

-emotional nutrition

What forms of self-care have you done this week?


About themakeuptrain

Beauty/product junkie hiding behind the title of certified makeup artist (that's the excuse I use for my makeup addiction). I am a human pet to two cats, a full time college student majoring in Cultural Anthropology and an organic food enthusiast (read: organic food freak) who cooks, bakes, and has not burned down the kitchen (I'm waiting for it). New York has put up with all of this thus far, so here is where I reside. I can be reached for comments, questions, complaints, and incoherent babbling at: themakeuptrain@yahoo.com
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10 Responses to Tuesday Talk: Self Care Sessions Vol. 3

  1. Anubhuti says:

    I love Tuesday random talks here ๐Ÿ™‚ share the tomato mask experience ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lulle.Beaumiroir says:

    This week has been a bit stressful but getting better. I’m starting a new job next week and I had to go in for the paperwork. They had misplaced the results of the mandatory drug screening they had me take, so I was freaking out about it being lost and me not being able to start working as planned. But eventually things got where they were supposed to be so I’m relieved! I treated myself to tacos and a beer today. Planning to go running tonight and go to a yoga class tomorrow night. I’m not always good at dealing with stress so I know I need to focus on relaxing for my first few weeks of work, and exercise helps a lot! Any cheesecake left you could send? Lol!
    Take care.


  3. Yay for yummy cheesecake! The frito pie sounds so good. I saw it on a menu once at a restaurant. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week!


  4. It’s pretty cool that you’ve hired some of your friends to post here. I can’t wait to read them all! And yay for free cheesecake!

  5. Such a wonderful poem, I will take it to heart for raising my daughter.
    Oh, and yay for free cheesecake!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

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