My First Peel : MUAC Fade Peel

Please enjoy this guest post from xglitterclub.


For the past few months, I have been on a quest to achieve glowy, clear skin. Th skin that I used to have. After years of not taking care of my skin by not properly washing my makeup off, using St. Ives Apricot scrub everyday (yikes!), Milk of Magnesia as an oil control primer, and then moving on to using African Black Soap everyday, my skin was in major need of moisture. It was red, dull, and my pores were huge. I started a new regimen designed to fix these issues and switched to a a gentle face cleanser by Cerave and then added chemical exfoliants from Paula’s Choice (2% BHA and 8% AHA), a vitamin C serum from Timeless skincare, and most importantly, a sunscreen.


I started seeing results within a month. My skin was no longer red,the texture evened out a bit, but the most exciting change was my nose! I had completely cleared out my sebaceous filaments and my nose was now smooth! Originally, I had eased my way into the chemical exfoliants because for the most part, these products can be harsh. I eventually worked my way into using them every night, alternating nightly. However, at the 2 month mark I felt as if things were slowing down and every time my skin became oily my pores became enlarged and my skin still had texture to it. Being the impatient person that I am, I wanted results faster. I have very hardy skin and have never had any sensitivities to anything. I had thought about increasing the concentration of my exfoliants but instead I opted to start trying a chemical peel.

One of the peels I started with was the Makeup Artist Choice Fade Peel. I picked this one because of some stubborn spots on my face that were not going away and even though I have heard conflicting arguments about Black skin and glycolic acid, while using the PC 8% AHA, I noticed my skin would glow after using it. The main ingredients to this peel are as follows: glycolic acid 30%, lactic acid 20%, kojic acid 2%, malic acid 3%. I was told by some others that since I had never tried a peel before that this one may be too harsh. I started watching Youtube videos about peels and I was actually starting to think I had made the wrong choice and was a bit nervous about trying it.


To prepare for the peel that was to be done on a Friday night, I didn’t use any exfoliants on Thursday night and I also didn’t use my Vitamin C Friday morning. That night I used coconut oil to remove my makeup, making sure to pay extra attention this time. I then used my Glossier Jelly Cleanser to wash my makeup off, rinsing my face and then washing again to make sure my skin was completely clear. Next, I used the pH Prep Solution on a cotton ball to completely rid my skin of any oils or makeup left over. The pH prep actually did sting slightly which made me a bit nervous.


Moving on, it was now time for the peel. The peel itself is a thick, brown liquid that looks and smells somewhat like maple syrup. I added the peel to my forehead first, as per the instructions and then moved on to the other parts of my face, adding a little more to those spots that wouldn’t fade. It did sting slightly, and even though I had originally only planned to leave it on for 1 minute at the most, as time went by, I realized that my face was in fact not burning off  so I ended up leaving it on for a full 5 minutes. I rinsed my face off with cold water, washed with the Glossier and then added my Badger Balm Argan Oil to my face which has the consistency of vaseline. Afterwards, I had a bit of redness and I noticed when I touched my face a few minutes directly after washing the peel, there were some sensitive areas, but over all I haven’t had any negative experiences. The results from this first peel are minimal, which I expected, but I am excited to see what the future holds and  I am excited to try the Salicylic Acid peel next.

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