Review: Maybelline Colorsensational The Loaded Bolds Lipsticks in Coffee Addiction and Berry Bossy

The story behind how I got these is a little bit funny.

I went to Rite Aid because of their BOGO 50% sale. I knew I wanted to get at least two lipsticks.

I found a display that was cleaned out. Nada. Zilch. There were a couple of Orange Danger shades and Dynamite Red.

I thought I had made the trip for nothing.

But then I scanned the subsections of the display where the main line is housed. I spotted one tube of Coffee Addiction! I snatched it up.

I still needed a second tube to get the discount. Instead of giving up, I wandered the aisles of the store, looking at the other brands. In the Rimmel London section, I found a tube of Berry Bossy! Score!

Do you see, friends, what wasting time in the drugstore can get you? The lesson here: never give up!

Coffee Addiction on the left. Berry Bossy on the right.


Coffee Addiction on the top. Berry Bossy on the bottom.


Coffee Addiction is really very good. It’s creamy, glides on nicely and delivers rich coffee brown color. It makes me feel like I am in 1997 again (what a great year!). So I am happy with CA.

Berry Bossy is…….meh. The bright pink you see in the swatch is actually darker on my lips. I have to run the bullet over my lips repeatedly to build up the color. It is patchy and uneven. With some work I can get it to look presentable, but it takes too much work, methinks. One lipstick shouldn’t be so much work to use. Especially for a drugstore lipstick.

Coffee Addiction lasted for 6 hours on me without eating or drinking. Berry Bossy lasted for 4 hours. Both came off quite easily when I had a meal or drank a beverage.

Pros: Nice colors, affordable, easy to find at stores, Coffee Addiction has great pigmentation.
Cons: Berry Bossy is patchy and uneven.

Grades: Coffee Addiction (A), Berry Bossy (B-).


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Beauty/product junkie hiding behind the title of certified makeup artist (that's the excuse I use for my makeup addiction). I am a human pet to two cats, a full time college student majoring in Cultural Anthropology and an organic food enthusiast (read: organic food freak) who cooks, bakes, and has not burned down the kitchen (I'm waiting for it). New York has put up with all of this thus far, so here is where I reside. I can be reached for comments, questions, complaints, and incoherent babbling at:
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10 Responses to Review: Maybelline Colorsensational The Loaded Bolds Lipsticks in Coffee Addiction and Berry Bossy

  1. Hahaha don’t you just love when that happens? Glad to hear your found your 2. They’re both pretty shades. Too bad Berry Bossy didn’t perform as well as Coffee Addiction.

  2. Sorry to hear Berry Bossy wasn’t a hit for you.

  3. Looking for stuff in the drugstore can be like a treasure hunt for grown-ups. Much fun! And yes, Coffee Addict takes me right back to the 90s as well. These shades are growing on me again at the moment.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. Sangeeta says:

    Coffee addiction… YUMM! Looks like a gorgeous shade.

  5. Anubhuti says:

    Berry rosy ❤ loved the swatches…I have to try loaded bold range 🙂

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