Review: ColourPop Blushes in Fox and Cruel Intentions

These bright blushes are adorable!

Just like me. 😀


L-R: Fox and Cruel Intentions.



Fox- “You’ll be a stone cold fox in this mid tone warm coral in a satin finish.”

I consider this to be a bright coral that is pinkish.

Cruel Intentions- “Is it Sebastian, or is this warm rose in a Matte finish making you blush?”

This is a darker rose that is a touch brown. It is accurately called a warm rose.

Top to bottom: Cruel Intentions and Fox.


The color in the pan and the swatches look a bit scary. They look like they could be hard to wear. I am happy to report that this is not the case.


I assumed I would need to apply Cruel Intentions with a light hand and I wouldn’t be able to wear Fox at all. I was wrong. As with the eyeshadows I reviewed, their bark is worse than their bite. 😛 They are both sheerish and lovely on me. Fox is a great summer shade and I find it very easy to wear. Cruel Intentions is a great everyday color for me.

Pros: Lovely colors, decent packaging, very affordable, easy to apply, very soft color effects, smooth powder product.
Cons: Not widely available (only sold on the website), not as intense as the pan suggests.

Grade: A-

I was happy to find that these are wearable for me, but those who like dramatic blush may be disappointed to find them too sheer.


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16 Responses to Review: ColourPop Blushes in Fox and Cruel Intentions

  1. Aditi says:

    kinda underwhelmed by the pigmentation but i guess thats better in a blush because then there’s less chances of going overboard haha. i like the look of both, i think cruel intentions would be nicer in the colder weather maybe x

    Aditi |

  2. aditi says:

    pretty shades 🙂

  3. Lovely! Both of ’em!

  4. Sangeeta says:

    Both the shades look so pretty.

  5. Lulle.Beaumiroir says:

    I have Cruel Intentions! On my skin tone it’s not the easiest formula to blend, so I haven’t bought any other blush after this one. I’ve only ever made one ColourPop order actually, I wasn’t particularly impressed…


  6. Safi@thebeautyinsideout says:

    Both the shades are nice.

  7. those are such pretty shades! would love to try them on… thanks for sharing

  8. Both blushes are beautiful! They always do look a little intimidating in the pan, don’t they? I have a few and thought the same, but they’re surprisingly wearable.

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