Review: Clarins Instant Liner in Black

Clarins is a brand that largely flew under my makeup radar because it seemed to be a line for ladies older and more sophisticated than myself.

Well, everyone and their pet hamster is more sophisticated than me. It’s common knowledge, folks.

This derail is getting back on track to review this ultra-sophisticated, ultra-expensive (well, maybe not) liquid eyeliner.

From the website: “An easy-to-apply liquid eyeliner that ensures a precise, long-lasting line, ideal for enhancing the eyes. This eyeliner Includes a soft, supple foam applicator which delivers just the right amount of product.”

The eyeliner comes in a sleek, streamlined tube with a screw-in applicator handle.

Of all the liquid eyeliners I’ve tried that were not in pen form, this is my favorite packaging. It’s very easy to use.


The tip of the applicator is reliably flexible and yields to pressure without being difficult to control. It’s great in terms of the ability to draw on thin black lines without smearing tar everywhere.

The applicator does draw out more eyeliner than I need. I simply wipe the excess off inside the mouth of the tube. Then I have just the amount I need.

Here is the swatch.

Here it is once it’s dried.

It’s a gloriously black matte.

Once on, and once unbothered, this stayed on my lids for 8 hours. It smudged if I rubbed my eye vigorously. I think this is a fairly good wear time. It’s not advertised as waterproof so I didn’t expect it to be totally smudgeproof.

Pros: Deep black color, easy to use and apply, neat and streamlined packaging, perfect applicator tip.
Cons: On the expensive side, only sold at Clarins and select department stores, only comes in one shade.

Grade: A.


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14 Responses to Review: Clarins Instant Liner in Black

  1. I like Clarins as a brand, it was about time I gor more sophisticated myself, but I usually stick to drugstore eyeliner. For me they are just as good, and way less expensive.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. crazyaboutcolors6 says:

    the liner looks great…I love liquid liners with such an applicator….It makes application so easy…

  3. Simran says:

    Seems like a good one for liquid Eyeliner.

  4. aditi says:

    It’s super black 🙂

  5. Liked that ‘derail’ part :).. Nice yet expensive product..

  6. Husna says:

    I have used this some time back and I like it!

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