Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish in Mercury Twilight

Today, my pretties, I will be showing you a holographic silver nail polish.

I suppose the moniker can be attributed to mercury’s silver color.


As you can see, my pretties, there is a nice holo effect on my nails. You can also see some visible nail line. I would need to wear this over a silver or grey metallic in the future.


I still like it and I think I will keep it, my pretties.

What do you think of it?

P.S: Are you tired of being called “my pretties”?😀

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Etude House I Need You Snail Mask

I was looking through my remaining sheet masks when my eyes fell on this one. I had never used animal secretions as a beauty treatment, and I didn’t know what to expect. Would it work? Would it not work? Would it cause me to mutate and turn into a half woman/half snail creature? If if did I could just pitch a tent and charge admission.

Well, there was only one way to find out!

From Etude House: “this mask sheet contains snail mucus ingredient ( Snail Secretion Filtrate) that protects the skin’s natural barrier for smooth and elastic skin.”


I was expecting sliminess and unusual odors. Instead I discovered a soft, powdery scent and a lotion-like moisturizing solution.

I wore the mask for 10 minutes. At the 8 minute mark I felt a burning sensation. It wasn’t painful, really, but it was noticeable. I was able to continue wearing it for another two minutes. My skin wasn’t red or in any way affected by the burning.

This particular mask is meant to firm up skin. It did, in fact, firm up my skin. The results lasted about 2 hours on me. I think one would need to use this every few days to maintain the tightened effect.

Would you ever use snail goo on your face?

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Review: bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Lead the Way

Lead the Way is my first lipstick from bareMinerals. I chose this wine creme shade because I need to be me. And me loves wine lipstick.






Is it hydrating, creamy and pigment-packed? We shall soon see!

The tube is sort of neat, especially if you’re into gadgets. You push a little button on it and kind of pull the lipstick holder out. It clicks back into place when you’re ready to cap it. I like it because lipstick caps have popped off in my purse in the past, smearing lipstick everywhere. This would never happen if I keep LtW in my bag.


It looks very goth in the tube, almost blackish-purple.


The swatch is more subdued and, well, wine.


It is hydrating and creamy. As for being pigmented, it’s sort of sheer. There is good color on my lips, as you can see, but it’s not pigment-packed as we were promised.


It’s a nice shade nonetheless. It wears off in about 2 hours without eating or drinking. It’s absolutely gone by the end of a meal.

Pros: Pretty wine color, hydrating, creamy, cool packaging.
Cons: Doesn’t last more than 2 hours, is quite sheer.

Grade: C+

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CM’s Naturals Lavender Mint Whipped Hair and Body Butter

Facebook is a magical place. Not only do I get to converse and interact with people who live all over the world, I get to meet independent beauty business owners!

Cecily Michelle makes her own line of body and hair butters. After speaking with her through messenger, I decided to purchase a 4 oz tub of Lavender Mint for $10. She also offers a scent called Lemon Mint. A deal of 2 for $15 is also available.


I love the functionality of the packaging. It’s simple, compact and the lid swivels off easily enough. The logo is beautifully done.

Onto the product: the lavender scent wafted up to my nose as soon as I opened the jar. It smells just like real lavender.


The texture of the body butter is almost mousse-like. I’m really enjoying it. It melts easily into my skin and leaves a protective barrier of oils, sealing in moisture.

It doesn’t feel overly greasy on my hands. I used a little as a hand cream and my hands didn’t feel too slippery.

I find that I don’t need to use a lot, so I think my jar will last me a while.


For shipping within the U.S, I paid $2.64. Cecily is flexible with allowing you to chose the shipping option, so be sure to inquire about that.

She can be reached on Instagram, Twitter and by email (

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Tuesday Talk: Self Care Sessions Vol. 16

I did a lot in terms of self-care. At least, I think so.

Here is what I did:

1) Had a nice girls’ shopping day with my BFF. We visited J Crew, Lush (I bought four bath bombs), Intermix, shared a pumpkin cookie from Panera Bread and shared macarons from Laduree. Funny story: we ran into a patient who visits my office out on the street! What a small world. We also went to the Society store, which is as thrift shop that sells things donated by affluent people. The proceeds benefit a local hospital. I saw so many beautiful teapots, cups and saucers. They also had for sale sterling silver serving sets. They looked like things used on “Downton Abbey”. I saw a painting I want to go back for.

2) I bought another Enigma song. This is called The Voice of Enigma. It’s so calming for my strained nerves.

3) I made chicken curry for dinner two days ago. It’s such a great, filling comfort food for me. I mentioned in my last SCS post that I sometimes eat poorly. I was glad I had the emotional spoons to cook a homemade meal.

4) I cleaned up my desk area a little bit. It looks a lot less cluttered now!

5) I watched all of The Simpsons Halloween episodes. I love them. Bless the writers for doing one every year.

Here is the song I bought:

What have you done for self-care this past week?

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Lancome Maquicomplet Complete Coverage Concealer in Caramel

There were no decent color matches for me when it came to Lancome concealers. But one day when I was at Sephora, I noticed the Lancome display had a new addition: a creamy concealer in a lip gloss tube.

I ordered it in Caramel, the shade that looked closest to what I can wear.


I’ll always love Lancome’s elegant and sophisticated packaging. I feel very chic when I use it. If a woman with the face of a piranha and the grace of an inebriated elephant can feel chic when using it, you know there’s something to it!

It comes with a doe-foot applicator which can pull out a bit too much product, so be careful. I gently wipe the excess off on the spot near the mouth of the main tube.


During the summer, Caramel was a bit too pale for me, owing to my summer complexion (I always get a little darker during the summer). Now that autumn is here, Caramel is a good match for me.


Here it is blended.


It could be a little more golden, but it’s still not a bad color match for me.

From the website: “This creamy, liquid concealer hides flaws, blemishes and dark circles with full, natural-looking coverage. Enriched with a hydrating botanical complex, anti-oxidant protection, and light-diverting agents. Minimizes the appearance of under-eye circles and wrinkles, while protecting against free radical damage. Natural-looking finish. Ideal for all skin types.”

As a winter concealer, this works fairly well for me. It stays put, blends nicely and does cover blemishes. I’m not giving up my beloved NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, but it don’t mind using this up.

It actually works very well as an under eye concealer. It’s much better than the NARS for the under eye area. It did minimize fine lines and conceal darkness.

I’m going to experiment more with it (wondering if this would work over a corrector). In the meantime I will recommend it to my lovely readers (none of whom have faces like a piranha, count yourselves lucky).

This costs $31 at Lancome  and at Sephora.  

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Review: ColourPop Blushes in Fox and Cruel Intentions

These bright blushes are adorable!

Just like me.😀


L-R: Fox and Cruel Intentions.



Fox- “You’ll be a stone cold fox in this mid tone warm coral in a satin finish.”

I consider this to be a bright coral that is pinkish.

Cruel Intentions- “Is it Sebastian, or is this warm rose in a Matte finish making you blush?”

This is a darker rose that is a touch brown. It is accurately called a warm rose.

Top to bottom: Cruel Intentions and Fox.


The color in the pan and the swatches look a bit scary. They look like they could be hard to wear. I am happy to report that this is not the case.


I assumed I would need to apply Cruel Intentions with a light hand and I wouldn’t be able to wear Fox at all. I was wrong. As with the eyeshadows I reviewed, their bark is worse than their bite.😛 They are both sheerish and lovely on me. Fox is a great summer shade and I find it very easy to wear. Cruel Intentions is a great everyday color for me.

Pros: Lovely colors, decent packaging, very affordable, easy to apply, very soft color effects, smooth powder product.
Cons: Not widely available (only sold on the website), not as intense as the pan suggests.

Grade: A-

I was happy to find that these are wearable for me, but those who like dramatic blush may be disappointed to find them too sheer.

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Review: Maybelline Colorsensational The Loaded Bolds Lipsticks in Coffee Addiction and Berry Bossy

The story behind how I got these is a little bit funny.

I went to Rite Aid because of their BOGO 50% sale. I knew I wanted to get at least two lipsticks.

I found a display that was cleaned out. Nada. Zilch. There were a couple of Orange Danger shades and Dynamite Red.

I thought I had made the trip for nothing.

But then I scanned the subsections of the display where the main line is housed. I spotted one tube of Coffee Addiction! I snatched it up.

I still needed a second tube to get the discount. Instead of giving up, I wandered the aisles of the store, looking at the other brands. In the Rimmel London section, I found a tube of Berry Bossy! Score!

Do you see, friends, what wasting time in the drugstore can get you? The lesson here: never give up!

Coffee Addiction on the left. Berry Bossy on the right.


Coffee Addiction on the top. Berry Bossy on the bottom.


Coffee Addiction is really very good. It’s creamy, glides on nicely and delivers rich coffee brown color. It makes me feel like I am in 1997 again (what a great year!). So I am happy with CA.

Berry Bossy is…….meh. The bright pink you see in the swatch is actually darker on my lips. I have to run the bullet over my lips repeatedly to build up the color. It is patchy and uneven. With some work I can get it to look presentable, but it takes too much work, methinks. One lipstick shouldn’t be so much work to use. Especially for a drugstore lipstick.

Coffee Addiction lasted for 6 hours on me without eating or drinking. Berry Bossy lasted for 4 hours. Both came off quite easily when I had a meal or drank a beverage.

Pros: Nice colors, affordable, easy to find at stores, Coffee Addiction has great pigmentation.
Cons: Berry Bossy is patchy and uneven.

Grades: Coffee Addiction (A), Berry Bossy (B-).

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Review: ColourPop Eyeshadows in Desert, Bandit and Drift

I own three ColourPop eyeshadows. Here they are.


Left to right: Bandit, Drift and Desert.


Desert- “Warm saddle brown with a taupe satin finish. From barely there to barely sober, this shade is perfect for every occasion.”

I think this is a soft beige shimmer than leans a little pink on me.

Bandit- “Yippe Ki yay Mother lovers, introducing your new favorite warm rusty brown with a matte finish.”

This is a soft brown with shimmer and a slight orange tone.

Drift- “Pop this true cranberry in a pearlized finish on your eyes and you may notice some attractive men drifting your way.”

This is a rich cranberry red shimmer.

Bandit up close. It looks very intimidating in the pot.


Top to bottom: Desert, Drift, Bandit.


As you can see, they (especially Bandit) aren’t as intense as one might think.


In a way, I am glad Bandit is sheerer than expected because it has turned out to be a great crease shade for me. Someone seeking a more pigmented eyeshadow might be disappointed.

Desert is a nice lid shade. All three eyeshadows last for at least 8 hours on me with primer. They blend easily, apply smoothly and are buttery soft.

The worst thing about these is the pigmentation, but I feel that this makes them more wearable for the average person. I just think one should not expect Sugarpill or Makeup Forever-levels of pigmentation and intensity.

Pros: Very affordable, lasts for 8 hours, nice colors, easy to use, decent packaging.
Cons: Not that pigmented, only available online.

Grade: B+


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Current Favorites: Skincare Regimen for Fall/Winter

A reader asked me for my current skincare regimen. So here I go.

I have a spring/summer regimen and a different one for fall/winter. As I get older (I’m in my early 30s), I find that my skin has gotten kind of less oily and more combination. However I still consider it to be oily-combination and not normal-average.


-I rarely wash my face in the mornings. I rub a little water around my eyes to rub off any rheum (it is gentler this way and leads to less tugging) and after patting dry the eye area I apply a fast absorbing eye cream. Right now I’m using L’Occitane Immortelle. I also like Himalaya Herbals Undereye Cream. I then apply a lightweight or basic moisturizer to my face and neck. I currently like Ole Henriksen Empower Me moisturizer and Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex. I exercise and make breakfast while letting the moisturizers absorb into my skin. Then I apply my makeup.



-Right after I get home from work, I use an eye makeup remover to take off my eye makeup. I’m using one by Lumene which is pretty good. I wash my face with Avalon Organics Vitamin C gel cleanser (using it up from the summer), but I also like using a deep cleansing oil for the colder winter months. When I use up the Vitamiuc C cleanser I will go back to my Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser or Pangea Organics Egyptian Calendula cleanser  (both of which are nicer on the skin during cold weather months). Then I use Skinfood Gold Caviar toner on my face and neck. This toner leaves behind a sticky residue, so I run a washcloth under warm water and scrub my face and neck gently after the toner.


-Once all the makeup is completely gone, I apply a nighttime AHA treatment topped with a moisturizer. I really love Ole Henriksen Invigorating Nighttime Treatment rubbed into my skin, followed by Ole Henriksen Truth Creme Advanced Hydration. I apply this to my neck too. I then apply a rich eye cream such as Ole Henriksen Total Truth Vitamin C or German formula Nivea Creme. I’ve also been using Yes to Carrots eye cream lately. The Nivea is too rich for my face but as an eye cream it’s amazing. It’s my go to eye crème for winter. I sometimes use sweet almond oil to moisturize the eye area if I have some in the house. For my eyelashes I use Lauren Brooke Lash Conditioner. It’s a great product and something I will repurchase.


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I purchased Sunday Riley Good Genes and Luna Night Oil. I just started using both, but recently I have been simply applying Luna at night and skipping the Ole Henriksen products for the face. I alternate between the two.


I only use a physical exfoliant in the shower. I like St. Ives Apricot scrub in the jar, and Korres Wild Rose Daily Brightening and Refining Buff Cleanser. On days I use a physical exfoliant (I shower every other day in the winter), I may skip the chemical exfoliant. I also use physical exfoliants less in the winter because my face is less grimey and oily.


I apply hand cream at night before bed. Right now I am using Korres Nourishing Hand Cream with Almond Oil and Shea Butter.

Weekends/Days Off

-When I am at home for several hours I take advantage of that time. I use Ole Henriksen Youth Activating Brightening Oil all over my face, neck and back of neck. If I am not using this I use Sunday Riley Good Genes. Basically the idea is to use an intensely hydrating and deep penetrating product that does serious work on my skin. I won’t just wear any regular moisturizer. I also wear an eye cream that is rich and thick. I usually reach for my Nivea Crème.


I also like wearing sheet masks on these days (and frightening the dog in the process). I’ve been using masks mostly from Etude House. 


That is my current regimen. You probably guessed that I am serious about protecting the eye area. I am a firm believer in eye cream. Crow’s feet and wrinkles are telltale signs of aging, so I want to make sure I can fool people into thinking I am 18 for decades to come.😛

Is your skincare regimen similar to mine? Are you more high maintenance than I am or low maintenance?

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